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Jasper Wolters ( b. November 29, 1975) known professionally as WOL75 is a Dutch contemporary artist based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.  WOL75 creates Mixed Media, Digital and Animation art. Starting off as an interior builder and cabinet maker in the 1990s, WOL75 is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (1999-2004). Nowadays, he is also the founder of WOL75 Creations, a creative art company. He has been working as a contemporary artist since 2004.  


  • Medium: Mixed Media, Digital Art and Animation Art
  • Style: Visual Art, Surrealism, Figurative, Figurative Surrealist, 
  • Context and inspiration: All of WOL75 art materializes from larger contexts, such as philosophy, metaphysics, science, and spirituality


I am a contemporary artist who has always questioned the given norms, values and rituals of our everyday lives. I work with illustrated humanoid and organic forms and fuse them with mechanical elements. In most of my work, I use old book pages as obscure backgrounds, with humanoid figures in the foreground. I draw dark, rough shadows to represent the shadows in the allegory of Plato’s cave. All these elements create a distinctive visual language to create a physical embodiment of the human mind.

My process starts with a question that arises based on my own experiences, my perceptions and my observations of others. This becomes an idea that aligns within the contexts of pattern, memory, consumerism, manipulation, paradigms or control. Then I research images of objects, such as pipes, belts, springs, and wheels, and fuse them with my own drawings. The mechanical elements in my work are metaphors for how our environment programs us with unconscious automatic behaviour. These symbols become part of a collage of metaphors. Belts, for example, represent constraint, addiction, pleasure and pain. Cloned images represent how repetitive thoughts build towards beliefs and lessons.

All of my art materialises from larger contexts, such as philosophy, metaphysics, science and spirituality. Throughout my life I realised my personal reality is the result of how I think. Questions from my childhood in the early 1980s have shaped my work today. I was raised religiously, unlike my best friend, and our beliefs were very different. This led me to ask questions, such as What if I had grown up somewhere else? Would I be a different person? I started to wonder about my own thoughts and beliefs. Had I been programmed by my environment? Are those programs running my life? Are we stuck in our repeating loops of life? The question of being in control or being controlled became a curiosity throughout my life and also in my work. In my work It all starts with questions based on my own experiences, perceptions and observing others. Which choices and beliefs are your own and which are put there by our environment? Are we in a state of ignorance, and how do we get out? Are we aware of our struggles, or who’s pulling the strings? Do we create a personal reality that isn’t our own? In my art I reflect and expose these thoughts and beliefs by showing another perspective on day-to-day behaviour.


 The artist WOL75's most important collections series.

M Red collection

The objective of this series is to examine and question human behavior and its relationship with our environment. The artworks in the M Red Collection reflect the meaning behind our actions and offer the audience another perspective on their day-to-day behavior. 

M Recollection

The M Recollection is about the mental noise that often plagues our thoughts. The series delves into the inner workings of our mind and how it affects our daily behavior. What are the ingredients of our thoughts? The M Recollection contains 8 artworks. You may observe that in some of the pieces, the subject takes center stage. However, in the latest ones, there are more gears and complications. The M Recollection is essentially a singular narrative, with each artwork representing a component of the same story, much like the ingredients of a cake or chapters of a novel.

DNA Collection

This series focuses on the blueprint of your habits, into the unseen patterns in your life that shape your daily actions. Its objective is to bring awareness to these patterns and encourage self-reflection. Essentially, the DNA Collection series prompts you to examine your own blueprint more closely and ask yourself important questions about.

MC Collection I & II

With the MC Collection, artist WOL75 shows the relationship between consumerism, social group behavior , and identification. Where we fall victim to our own learned behavior that society has created for us. He dares to ask you the question: "what remains of your and our own identity without consumerism?"



  • 2017 Solo Exhibition, M Recollecion, Radboud University, Nijmegen(Netherlands).
  • 2015 Solo Exhibition, M Recollecion, Theater De Leest, Waalwijk (Netherlands).
  • 2013 Solo Exhibition, M Red Collecion and M Recollection, Prikkels, Nijmegen (Netherlands).
  • 2004 Solo Exhibition,“Mythess, Jekyll and Hyde”,’Royal Academy of Art & Design, s-Hertogenbosch 


Commisions: include collaborations you’ve done with brands in terms of branding work or commissions/purchases (i.e., artwork). It’s essential to provide full detail on who commissioned it and what medium was used to create the piece of art.



  • 2022, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, Artwork 'On Stage I Feel Free' Flag design, LOWLANDS Festival (A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise), The Netherlands.
  • 2022, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014,  Artwork 'Play With Me' Flag design, LOWLANDS Festival (A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise), The Netherlands.



The museum grade quality artworks are produced on Fine Art Archival pigment print / Giclee print with the use of Dibond®, Diasec® and Trulife™ for protection against air pollution and UV-radiation.


Fine Art archival pigment prints are museum-quality 100% cotton paper. Characteristics: high color intensity, deep blacks, and resistance to aging effects.


Diasec® stands for museum quality. During this finishing process, the artwork is glued to Dibond® and covered with a transparent Diasec® layer (matt or glossy). This protects the artwork against ultraviolet radiation.

3. DIBOND® lightweight aluminum sheets

Dibond® is a worldwide brand of lightweight aluminum sheets for interior or outdoor application. Characteristics: rigid, resistant to UV and moisture and highly durable.


Each quality artwork is fitted with a metal profile on the back panel that enables perfect vertical and floating wall mount; the image seems to float 1-2 inches in front of the wall.


Certificates of Authenticity

WOL75 is committed to exclusivity. Every work of art has a limited edition. Every piece of his art is provided with a digital certificate of authenticity (COA) from Verisart which is numbered, dated and personally signed by WOL75.


For artwork enquiries, sales & PR

Broerdijk 163
6523 GS
The Netherlands
+31 62 165 24 52
V.A.T. NL8635.64.306.B01
NO. CC 85257788



Downloads include; the WOL75 brand logo, Artwork for online use, Artworks print for a magazine article, and video animations.