Touch, 2007
Touch, 2007
Touch, 2007
Touch, 2007
Touch, 2007
Touch, 2007

Touch, 2007

WOL75 Artist

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Touch, 2007
What is the impact of love? The artwork ‘Touch, 2007’ is part of the M Red Collection.

About the M Red Collection
In the M Red Collection, WOL75 investigates how other people can influence our behavior in some situations in our lives. The artworks in the M Red Collection reflect the meaning behind our actions and offer the audience another perspective on their day-to-day behavior.

Size Material Edition
210 W x 125 H cm

Name: Touch, 2007
Serie: M Red Collection
Artist: WOL75 Artist
Country of origin The Netherlands
  •  Trulife™
  • Archival pigment print/Giclee print
  • Dibond ®
  • Aluminium Frame 25mm
    Medium: Digital, Mixed Media 
    Signed: By the artist to you and for you

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